Pico Synth – I’m sexy and I know it !

Behind that stupid title lies what will be the final look of the prototype. It’s an icredible and smart user interface. I can’t say how proud of myself I am.

IMG_1172well, can’t be stupider but quite handy and most of all incredibly cheap ! I can’t say the final price because the thick bottom plate is a piece left from my home made 12” guitar cabinet and and I bought two front panels and ridiculus small one for my breadboard for 1.26euros (!?)


So yes, MDF is a great thing to prototype with. I think I could be used as well for modular front panels. Many shops those days offer engraved surfaces, buy them in bulk and you can save money. I think I may use if one day I build a modular system (but I need to convince myself to not think about it)

IMG_1184Anyway, I put few things together to see the look of it. Conserding that it will be a “prototype” plateform for big projects, it seems quite fonctional (hoping that the weight won’t push the panel away though)IMG_1180

However, I had to stop and step back a little. I like nicely spaced knobs because I’m a big fingered man and I like the feel of 24mm pot. better than 16mm ones. Besides, I only know roughly the number of pots I will be using, but actually I need the exact number (minus or plus 2 or 3) to drill the correct number of holes and spares one, and not suprise myself later on.

I’ve a list to do, order a power supply pcb, build the VCOs ect…

do you feel the modular idea growing ? Unfortunately I do…



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One response to “Pico Synth – I’m sexy and I know it !

  1. traveler

    for the ‘Prototype’-frontplate you can use a printout and cover it with a 3mm plexiglas-panel… looks nice and shiny 😉

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