PicoSynth – Noise board

This section is the “noise board” althought it contains more than the noise circuit.

IMG_1157The noise circuit is one of Ray Wilson’s design. I could save up some caps in going for a full DC couple circuit (maybe I’ll change that) but I’m lazy and this one works good. Although my 2N3904 may be noisier because I had to adjust the gain on both op amps to avoid clipping. The gain originally was huge and the trimpot didn’t really give much change (changes are in the schematic)

the board also contains a LFO (from an OSCAR synth or CAT something, something to do with a furry animal). I had to modifiy it in order to get a quicker speed. This LFO is for the VCOs modulation source and I thought that let it go into audio range could make some serious shit !

noise_boardThere’s also a Divider chip (that I’m waiting from Tayda) to get -1 and -2 octave.

Crazy how all goes down because of the bloody hot weather, I still can’t have my China sent component, even after 1 month ! Satan called by the way, he wants his weather back !

I’ve also hard time finding a suitable case for it. Next post will certainly presents the MDF prototype plateform.



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