Ramp Generator

Here’s one of the first module I’ll incorporate into the video synth.

ramp_gen_vd_02Nothing original I just modified a 555 based ramp generator designed by Alan Wolke

lot of funs : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiqd3GLTluk2s_IBt7p_LjA

I highly recomend you to watch his videos. They’re all really nice, there’s always something good to learn. I’m myself adicted to his chanel.

The minor changes I added are simples. I increased the charging cap to get a lower frequency (see schematic notes). The shape pot bias the op-amps. In normal operation it should put the start part of the ramp at 0V (where it starts at about 2V originally because of the 555), if the shape pot is used it will put the bias lower il will distort the waveform (the op amp can’t go lower than 0V).

You can obviously put a LED at the output. IC3 is just an inverting amp to get a negative ramp.

Sorry, no oscillscope shots the circuit isn’t on my breadboard anymore.

I guess it could interesting for an audio modular synth as well.

thanks for reading


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