Unicorn Poop on the TV

following the previoust post, here are some pictures of the next video synth. Although I didn’t receive the hex inverters needed for the clock, I had to try something ! (good way to know if the chip is robust and idiotproof)




it’s ugly, out of sync, with dirty sync pulses, looks like an Unicorn took a shit in the TV. But that’s fun !

advice_00: read the datasheet, read the datasheet, READ THE FUCKING DATASHEET !!!

advice_01: a diying battery Iphone isn’t a good camera

advice_02:  trying to get a better photographer is necessary (Iphone can’t take all the complains)

to be continued …

PS: I had to solder an SMD converter for the AD725 which comes only as SMD. Well, it wasn’t that bad actually. Really quick and easy to do even with a standard iron. I don’t understand all that crap about SMD actually.

I think I’ll jump into SMD quicker than I thought. It doesn’t seem that hard to use and can save so much space (I need to find the proper protoboard though).


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3 responses to “Unicorn Poop on the TV

  1. intresting stuff! I work on a circuit bent megadrive (european Pal sega genesis), I plan to extend glitch capability by fading pin in of rgb encoder chip (rgb to pal composite) an inject signal from audio modular synth. With only injected signal (no video game cartridge plugged) I get your unicorn poop… work in progress… thanks for feedback!

    • interesting project.

      You should look into the datasheet of your encoder to see what it wants as format for the input signal. I bet that the modular signal is way too hot for it and you probably need somekind of DC offset.

      The most important stuff is actually the sync signals. If they’re good, and the video signal corresponds to the format the encoder needs you can input any signal I guess. Unless you want specifically that “out-of-sync” look.

      Video is a very interesting subject.

      • gael

        Yeah, datasheet are our best friends , I already made a simple clamp circuit to limit input signals to 1Vpp , work pretty good… I also modified original input circuit with vactrols to fade native RGB signals from the running video game… And of corse lot of bent points to glitch visual. No attempt to change the sync signal for now, maybe later…
        Thank’s for reply….!

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