Video synth

What’s more geeky than a Buchla Synth ? a Video synth for sure !

I discovered this concept few monts ago and was amazed.  So I decided to give it a go. I ordered some LM1881 sync stripper and Ad725 (video encoder) to get going. The idea is to offer the sync pulses of that old playstation to the AD725 and feed a signal (from my function generator) to get something on the screen. This is more to test the concept.

Obviously the final product won’t have a camera or the playstation incorporated in the box. I’ll mimic the pulses sync with an atmega, interupt driven.

IMG_1067_02                      Just me trying to extract Composite video sync with an LM1881.

To be honest it’s a bit more complex that the traditional audio synth. You’ll have to understand all components of a composite video (blanking, sync pulses, color burst ect…). However, some webistes and the rare video synth manfuctacters give details which from you can extract the needed imformations.

The rest is the well known modular concept : VCO, attack generator, LFO, ect…all CV controllable.


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