Distance call

I’m currently playing around with a UART driven effect pedal switcher. For once, I could make something really useful !

I haven’t fixed my microsynth ( actually I just have to buy a dedicated power supply and I’m that lazy) and as I’m still working on my tube tremolo (which is guarded by dust) or my reverb. All this mess will end up in a rack type case, space is a big concern. Obviously, no wishes to put this on a pedalboard but how could I control thoses things ? with a remote controller !


It’s currently more a working concept to keep me occupied. To give a quick overview, one µC is used as a remote controller, collect datas from the user (my ugly feet) and transmit the data to a second µC (the receiver), through UART to acheive the correct switching. To do so, I’m using a serial communication, UART, which MIDI is actually (I don’t plan to use midi though, one headach at the time).

The program send 8 bit datas corresponding to a button press (1,2,3,4,5) and the second µC uses those words to active or not the output. The output can be whatever you want, usually it controls a transistor which control a relay.

The photo shows the “communication line” through a 6m sommer cable to see if issues can occur with long distance… nope. You can also see the cable thing “Custom77” , no masked commercial I assure you but they’re really great  and make some serious kick ass looking guitar !

The program is really simple, It is called the “caveman_mode” because it’s just on/off fonction which won’t be a probleme for a caveman. Coding a preset_mode could be nice (as well as increasing the output and my possible headaches)

(remains the eternal quest for housing)

for the ugly unmasked add : http://www.custom77.com (they’re not the Big World Companie and deserve a bit more attention from the folks in the Wide Web)


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