Dunlop TVP+ on recovery…

Ok, here’s a special thing. It’s an old (not that old) volume pedal based tremolo, apparantely really rare, or at least, uncommun (don’t ask me how I got it, I haven’t a life, most of it is digging the internet for a good deal…), the only living proof is a japanese made video :

For those accustomed to boutique poop, it’s (way) more complicated. I’m waiting for a response to my email from Dunlop/MXR for a schematic, or at least a bit of help. I have no hope of a positive response though.  I usually do without schematic, most of the time guitar gadgets are nothing but a copy of something older. If you’re a geek, the first look inside is sufficient to know what it is. But this is one is nothing like everything else.

this one seems (at first glance) a bit more brain twisted. There’s a lot of CMOS switching ICs controlling JFETs, and apparentely some others unsual stuff (for guitar crap). There’s a NOR gate (CD4011) and bilateral switch (CD4066). The heart, the VCA which is more a VGA (not a monitor !), variable gain attenuator is made of the same ICs that can be found on the boss TR2 (M5207l01).

I started tracing up the schematic.

Ho yes, no “tru bypass” , but I don’t give a crap about that, I beleive in buffers !



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