Du(m)b day !

today is dub day.

I really like big reverb sound as the one used in Unring the bell by Gov’t mule. Or what Josh Homme did on “Make it with Chu” , even the british band Temples which I discovered few weeks ago.

That massive ambient sound which transforms any riff in psychedelic travels (add a wah wah, and I’m no longer responsible for anything…).  So when this morning I received (amazingly quickly) my reverb tank from the UK I decided to give a go to my reverb project.


Even if it could be really nice (and a bit posh) to make a tube reverb this type of build needs power transformer and massive headshell. Tubes are cool but so much power and space comsuming. So op-amp it will be ! (discrete circuit could also be interesting)

After serveral readings it became clear that the transducers need a lot of juice to get excited and produce nice sound. An op-amp alone couldn’t give that much juice they need to be accompanied with transistors to increase the current output. Or use a power amp as a LM386 or a TDA chip (that I don’t have). Therefore, it’s not a suprise to see a power tube 84 in tube reverb to drive the tank.

It’s crazy how the ouput signal of the tank is small (in small mV range). It Needs a big boost to have significant output.

A particular attention should also be put into frequency response, too much basses will give a big messy sound, not good at all. Currently, the breadboard has no frequency shapping  (I just want to make it work).

Anyway, I’m not reinventing the wheel but I’ll try to add some little features to make it more “dubastic”.

The first issue being that I need a box. I have a metal sheet from a hammond chassis, the idea was to build a wood case all around, but but it’s too small…The other being included power supply or AC adapter (that thing will run at around 15V) ?

by the way, the microcontroller and LCD display have nothing to do with the reverb. It’s another project, if it’s ON in the same time the reverb becomes (without surprises) noisy.



http://www.sonelec-musique.com/electronique_realisations_reverb_ressort_001.html (french)

http://www.sonelec-musique.com/electronique_theorie_reverb_ressort.html (french)




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