Line6 DL4 remote control

I’m back to this Line6 DL4. Great delay unit but some things remain odd to me and still don’t know if it’s worth it to fix them. The volume drop that everybody is complaining about is real but the surgery is so invasive that it may go wrong. The need of an input buffer remains noticeable but I use this pedal in a chain where there’s at least one Boss Tuner.

What could have been great is to have the possibilities of more presets via an external midi switcher. But this would make the rack version useless.

I also start to get tired of pedal format. They all end up taking some much places. I’ve been interested in Bob Bradshaw work and midi switcher. This makes so much more sens that pedalboard. This switching system removes so many troubles. It’s more pro or semi-pro oriented, it’s highly priced, but way higher performant gear. A Frusciante’s pedalboard is just riduculous and stupid.

Following that idea, I’m thinking about creating my own switcher. I’m planing to buy for the second time a EHX tube zipper (and maybe the wiggler too) and there’s no way that this will end at my feet. It is huge and requires a dedicated bulky power supply. The good thing being that this series of tube pedal uses relay, so a remote can be implanted.

I though about drilling a hole to install a plug to remotely control the DL4, it won’t be that hard. A plug with enough pin will suffice and with a bit of though will be easily done. I could do even more geeky and put a more complexe system with micro-controller and stuff but to much troubles. The length of the cable won’t be an issue (I think, I might be wrong but this is not a hi speed device, human are so slow and boring for Mhz electronic). But a buffer or amp could help in this regard.

here’s the idea :


a simple DIN plug to the DL4. One requirement remains, the LEDS ? we could do the same that for the switches with wires and a bigger DIN but that will be really inelegant (I love the concept of elegance in electronic) and bulky. Not sure if a DIN plug with enough pin exists anyway. A micro-controller could senses the footswitch and turn off and on a LED. Not quite sure about the tap tempo though. A tiny program to recreate the flashing program ?

Note that logic CMOS circuit can be used for the remote led instead of the micro-controller. But the last one will be smaller and easier to put together. Although, you’d have to code that thing.

And by the way, having acces to all footswitches can make even more intesting programation in a midi or switching system. The footswitches are only pulses.

I don’t really know what I’m doing, this all post may sound total rubbish. Sometime I get lost in all this…

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