End of the Q zone…

I  recently learn that Dunlop/MXR stopped the manufacturing of the Q zone . It’s a pitty, this pedal is really great. Ok , a bit specific but really handy !

for those who don’t know, it’s a cocked wah , a “fixed” wah. You set the filter and use it as it. Think  “money for nothing” (even if it wasn’t made with a cocked wah) or some Queens of the stone age songs .

Now dunlop has nothing original in their catalog. Crazy how this brand has done nothing new since the 70’s , always releasing the same fuzz face or unvibe with signature models and other craps. The 2013 signature was the boring and highly dispensable Bonomassa .

The circuits is quite simple, nothing more than a state variable filter  , followed by a gain stage as an output boost. Don’t expect a pure “wah” sound, you won’t have it because this is not the same circuit (no inductor in the Q zone ). But really nice nonetheless.

Now , I have to find another one quickly before some dickheads sell theirs for big money !



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