One Spot Repair

Here what I’ve been doing this week end , repairing my old (but currently used) one spot power supply. And for the other perverts , here are some pictures of the inside.



It suffered from a really commun thing, cable damages . You know when you twist your earphones and they get loosy on connection (also because they’re designed to do so and being crap ).

I’ve been using this power supply for almost 6 years , pluging and unpluging it all the time, bent the wire all around , giving some stress to the plug connexions ect… In other words , I used it. And it’s a pretty reliable thing ! the only complaint could be the very long cable (at the begining at least, mine became shorter).


Sorry no more imformations about it expect it’s a switched mode power supply (but we already know) .

So the fix was to remove the rubber grommet that fit the cable outside the box. There was a short in here , and the one spot survives with no difficulties. I cut the faulty part of the cable, put a fresh cut, soldered in place, put some heatshrink tubing, and here you go a fonctional one spot from the dead!   Job done !



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