Tube Ring Mod

Continuating on Ring Modulator , and to be more “period-correct” with the doctor, what about a tube version ?

Like a massive dickhead I missed the BBC radio show about the sound behind the forbiden planet and the instruments used to produce those sounds (not that easy to be in time when you don’t live in the same country) here’s a pure conceptual and theorical idea of a tube ring modulator. Like those used in the 60’s. (sorry for the crudeness of the schematic , it’s just an idea)


once again with tubes , Cost is the major drawback , you need high voltage , high current for heaters , and  audio transformers to couple VCO and signal. Beside additional triodes should be used to make a proper effect espcially if you want to blend dry signal and ring mod signal. No tested even if I’d really want to !

here are nice articles about those 60’s recording sessions


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