PCB projects ?

I’ve designed serveral PCBs to teach myself using Eagles. Wirring veroboard is quite boring and time comsuming . So , few pcb have been designed for some of the projects exposed in this blog.

LM386 distortion (that led a lot people in here )

Shin Ei Companion fuzz

the clickless Boss switch (with a Relay switch to keep the “tru bypass” hype) . Project from R.G Keen.

Attack/Decay form Yusynth

and some others.

The idea of these PCB is to allow an easy building and reduce as much as possible wire . An easy drop in circuit .

Nevertheless , I’d like to know if there’re any interests in those to make the process of creating a proper PDF project with BOM , layout ect… . If interested , don’t hesitate to leave a comment or an email.

Some “spoilers” (for those waiting the 50th Doctor Who anniversary )




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