EHX as always….


Just a quick post to celebrate the death of my memory toy because of those crappy funky knobs that EHX put on their pedals. Why do they push them so hard making them nearly impossible to remove ? why ? Beside , the PCB board was a pain in the *** to take out because of the bloody DC jack socket. So I destroyed the pots and , of course, a standart pot doesn’t fit into the box.The name is good, it’s desinged to be a toy , nothing more.

In this unfortunate story I managed to save the 4 BBD chips . Don’t know if “save” is the good word because I still have to desolder them from the board.

I don’t know, Murphy certainly , but I’ve had more issues with EHX pedals than with any other brand . So I’m now totally cured for EHX products !



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2 responses to “EHX as always….

  1. Loic

    Ouaip, RIP… On est deux à être triste!

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