shruthi-1 synth

Almost one year ago I ordered a diy digital/analog synth kit . The now famous Shruthi !

I wanted something simple and quick to build , just to know if i’d really use synth. Most of the time I build electronic circuit but I don’t really use them and they finished in a box with their brothers and sisters. I must say that I’m more interested in the process of building than the result.

I build mine last september , took me one afternoon . I must say that I was (and still am) absolutely fascinated by the ernomous possibilities offered by such small AVR chip (and the talent of the conceptor) . So many things incorporated in few cms of integrated circuitry  . Things that would be impossible with analog circuitry . To be honnest  this is what made me go into digital .

The sound is quite different that what you’d expect from a synth. In my opinion is good point ! instead of copying and pretenting to make an affordable moog , mutable wanted to make something different with an unique sound. So, yes it’s an 8 bits sound but you can tame and transform that for something more analog oriented sound.

Electronic wise it is a clever mix of digital and analog circuits , with a modular aspect . The “8bit computer” brain stays the same but you can change the filter/VCA board for different ones.

The only complaint (if I could have one) is the minimal interface and browersering via a LCD interface. It Needs few button presses to access what you want to modify. It isn’t really intuitive. But we’re dealing with a under 200euros synth  with a lot of features and save patches , things that you can’t have with a korg MS20 and other big brand synth sold for big money. Also , the plastic case is really fragile and not cheap but Mutable is working on a metal case I think.

If you’re looking for a simple but highly versatile first DIY project , go to mutable instruments without doubts !

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  1. samchitto

    I liker mine a lot too, btw, there are also some custom controllers for this instrument, don’t remember the site from the top of my head, but this instrument offers some nice possibilities of making it even better, so if you are interested, check go check it out on google

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