tube tremolo part 5, what to add ?

My tube tremolo being almost finished I’m still wondering what to add with it. The fact is that the harmonic tremolo isn’t as good as I thought it would be. Nice effect for sure but I’m not convinced if all the wiring management needed is worth it. The main issue , if the harmonic tremolo isn’t wired, is that I still have power and current left from the power transformer. It’d be really sad and inefficient to leave it that way. Beside, it would be a shame to buy a big box and house it with only few components. I must suffer from an illness , I always want to maximise possibilities…

So, I considered different possible circuits , always with the idea of limited number parts. I firstly thought of a tube reverb but this needs extra current that the transformer can’t deliver, for a good circuit at least. Beside the size of the box should be largely increased because of the tank reverb  . But I’m not a reverb user and even if it’s nice  project (that I may do in the future) I’m limited by the transformer .


The schematic shows an idea , not sure about the feedback path. Maybe it could be interesting with a longer tank to bring some crazyness.

Then I thought about a 2 stages phaser  . Easy implantation . Although the association of tremolo + phaser could give a nice sound , I’m not sure if the 2 stages would be enough on their own to have noticeable effect. A tube passive EQ could also be an interesting stuff but maybe more a studio related gear and I haven’t the use of a tube EQ . Argh !


The craziest idea , that i just materialized,  was to make a tube ringmodulator with a solid state VCO . Quite easy if you use a transformer coupled circuit , you know the “passive ring modulator” made of diodes and transformer. Obviously this should be made “active” to avoid losses and weak signals. Maybe i’ll try that later with subminiature tube !

Then , reading few stuff on the internet , why not a tube compressor ? I’m not a compressor user either (I’ve never used one) but I guess a compressor is a thing that you may consider more easily and  it can be used with a variety of instrument . I could even use an uncommun tube for the audio path  , or  a tube diode for the rectifier circuit if an all tube circuit is made. This should led to a really 50’s look circuit hahaha . Few controls could be added to increase the possibilities (attack and decay) along with the tradditional threshold control and gain control .


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