Dead Memory toy (sort of)

That’s what I’ve just had in the mail box today. A broken memory toy. It’s what the seller said because the pedal is working perfectly fine…. I don’t know what happened with it but it works normal . It’s a bit sad actually I was expecting this to be dead and I wanted to spend some time trying to find out why. Murphy must be here, somewhere. I could be a jerk , ask him a refound and send back his bloody working pedal but this could lead him to think that i’m crazy (but I must be)


It’s a pity because I was planning to use this “dead” circuit to expose my method on repairing and debugging circuit. I’ve been asked few times and I thought it could be great to add photos on my explanations. Even if it’s not rocket science it may seem hard for beginers and not trained electronic afficionados. But not this time I guess. IMG_0543IMG_0550

So this post will turn into a “review” thing . Electronic wise , it’s a miniaturized version of the older memory man ,it’s the same but with SMD components ! The semi-conductors are the same as well . A bunch of 4558 (why always this ? ) , new 4  BL3208s for delay line, a 2262 that I firstly though was here for the LFO but it’s actually in the audio path. There’s not a NE571 for the compressor/expandor but a through hole DIP16 ICs on the bottom , certainly the same kind of integrated circuit I guess. it’s rather interesting design with 2 double sided PCB , a nice integration to be put into a small box . We can clearly see that the hand wired job is reduced to minimun (the only action to put the circuit in the box is done by hands).


 To be honest I’ve never liked this nano serie from EHX. They always looked like toys to me . And it’s clear that EHX wanted to produce massively more and cheaper products. The aluminium box is quite cheap with no polishing . It’s the same made in china box that you can buy from Musikding or Banzai (from our friends in Germany).  . Cuts have also been done for a quicker disposal of the circuit in the box . The paint seems to be the same that the older big boxes had .  And also, as always with EHX , these crappy and unbelivable hard knobs to remove !! I had to use a shoe lace to get them off ! The dc connector was also a trouble to get the circuit outside the box , grrr why they always do that ? Do they never think about repair job ?

But after all , these things aren’t that bad because we’re talking about a 60euros analog delay . It’s not a good looking product for sure but it’s a perfectly working one . I’ve saw way worse from boutique compagnies with way higher prices.

The sound . I was quite disapointing  from a general delay point of view.  The sound is dark and muddy , for sure it’s an analogue delay. It can also be noisy . The modulation switch is a nice touch . This delay can be nice for more vintage oriented sound . I wasn’t impressed by it, let’s say it’s on average.  If you’re looking for a dark sounding delay for a low price , it’s the way to go otherwise get a boss DD3 or DD20 for a more general purpose delay. I compared it to a Malekko 600B which is way better sounding , cleaner , clearer and also analog  . (price has nothing to do with the sound by the way , sounds good or not) .



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2 responses to “Dead Memory toy (sort of)

  1. Hello there.. Im a materials engineer so i dont understand anything in here but anyway i see cool stuff in here! I do have a brand new memory toy thou.. I and i wanted to ask for your help. So my MT is just that model on the pics, and I dont know why i got it and started to mess with the trimpots.. i liked its sound better from the factory, maybe you could guide me trought puting the trimpots back to its original places?? Thanks a lot!! … i messed trimpots from 1 to 6

    • Hi,

      the trimpots are used to se the DC bias output of the delay line chip to avoid distortions and noises. You could try to set them by ears but It rather prefereable to do it with an oscillscope and waveform generator.

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