Morthem Vlade Art

You may have nerver heard of it, for sure, and that’s ok  . The band wasn’t really big and mostly know by aficionados (not many anyway) .

This band started with a “batcave” type music or “goth” . To be honest this first album is not really necessary and what they did after is way more intersting .They quickly moved to something bigger and with more colors. For the second album they leaved that gloomy music for a atmospheric electronic music , really well built and nice , Then they landed with their last album into a marvellous electronic pop music.

Funny enough, they had a German label “Pandaimonium Records” . The other funny fact with it is that any of their albums is online . Any free downloadable links for it (I could even find a link for Dead combo ) I think it means a lot about the popularity . I used to say that you can find anything on the internet but not Morthem vlade art ! I’m kind of glad to have those albums ,  precious and unknown pieces of music.

I remember that I Bought those CDs in a goth shop in Lyon , shop that closed few months after (not my fault!) .  I didn’t often go to it but every time i did it was empty , I guess goth isn’t good for business . you know, this kind of Goth like Richmond in It crowd ….

Anyway , here’s few youtube videos  , some people had the intelligence to not let this band fall in the void.

I really hope that people take few minutes to listen to this links , it’ll be really sad to missing out such band ! if , by any chances, you’d like to go deeper you could start with the two last ones “photography things” and “absente terebenthine” even if , actually, the all discography is amazing.

Note the singer has, today, another project called “in broken english”  that I didn’t really hear yet.

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