EMS and early synth manufacturer

Another great synth documentary about the birth of electronic music and its instruments

The documentary focus on EMS , for those you don’t know EMS , you certainly know “on the run” of pink floyd . That was one of the tool . You can see Gilmour and Waters playing with it on “live at Pompei” .

and Gilmour gave an deeper explanation later in a 2003 documentary (classic album = dark side of the moon)

Anyway, I recommend to watch the movie if you have high interests in music . Watchin how they made such things (still loved and copied today) with so basic electronic (compared to what we have today). No midi , no USB, no micro-controllers , no eeprom, no RAM , just voltages , current and semi-conductors. Even guitarists may have a link with EMS, David Cockerell worked for Electro harmonix and produced several products for the NYC based brand .


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