tube tremolo, the solid state oscillator, part.4

Another quick update , now that the tremolo works fine the additional circuitry will be quicker to implant.


The LFO could be anything that you like, hence there’s no representation of it . For the breadboard project I used a simple Boss PH2 LFO . The real circuit will be another one (no decided yet) The schematic represents an important part for an harmonic tremolo . The last stage is in inverting stage , it inverts what’s coming into its input. Therefore there’s a fading oscillation between the two LEDs  . The transistors aren’t really necessary but I like things “clean”. The leds are embeted in the VTL5/2 devices controlling the attenuation of the low and high pass filter in the audio path. Here’s a represention , took from the Strymon website , of the circuitry of an Harmonic tremolo :

Still have to find a good way to put a “depth knob” , in the oscillator section or in the audio path ?

Although the schematic shows a bias of  VCC/2  , the proper circuit may have a -12/+12V with a 0V bias point.

here’s a pic of the breadboard for this particular circuit


to be continued …

thanks for reading


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