Dead combo

My intention with this blog wasn’t to talk about music per say, but it’s my blog so I do whatever I want to do !

Dead combo was a band that I discovered ,ten years ago now, via a french magazine . No much travelled thru the years , the band stops quickly after their album (for what I understood). Nonetheless, great music ! a dirty , electro-rock or whatever you want to call it ….

Few things remain on the internet , not much though

a full live :

the only  album : .

Note the nice Bowie cover .

Jan 2014 : As mentioned by billy acid , the band is back : . Thanks Billy !





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5 responses to “Dead combo

  1. Simon

    Saw them last night supporting BRMC in London. They said it was their first gig in 5 years! They were great. Just off to buy their album!

  2. Gordon

    I like “Doxies Blanch,” there is a really cool thin nasally sounding guitar part on the left hand channel, it’s not that high up in the mix but it’s a great sound. I will listen to some more later.

  3. I have their 2004 album in an hard drive if there’s any need for it. But I think their myspace is still active (or least available).

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