Russian Small Stone, came from the cold


I’ve this pedal for few months now. It came to me in an enveloppe (?!) . It’s a really cool simple phaser , every geek knows the small stone , it is on the market since a lonnngggg time . I guess it’s one of the best selling at EHX. It appears that Jean Michel Jarre used one with his synths.

It has a really nice sound.  In my opinion simplicity is always the best solution . You may want a “sweep” control, an intensity control , a pot instead of a feedback switch but at the end people always returns to simple layout effect. This is maybe why EHX still continues to produce this phaser.



The picture doesn’t show it but the build quality  is THE SHIT ! . The wires are so thin that they break as soon as they are manipulated .  They go under the board , but also on the copper traces . It’s really shitty ! Working on it can  produce more problems that for what you opened it up . The PCB traces are crap ,  I had to remake a solder joint on the LFO transistor to get the sweep back into the OTAs.

Let’s be honest , don’t spend more than 50 euros on it. Even less actually . Otherwise you get robbed !

(still a nice sounding pedal though)


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