back to the future , retro-game !

nothing guitar related on this post. Maybe some readers are also gamers ? remeber the first playstation ?  I just found my old playstation ! more than 10years old ! and I couldn’t resist to open it up .


There’s a kind of hacked chip in there , it’s a micro-controller from Microchip . It was installed (and programmed) to allow the reading of non-official CDs ,  to play with games downloaded for the internet (or I should say , copied from an original copy , internet wasn’t what it’s now ) and burned in a writable blank CD . Don’t ask me what it’s the code , I’ve absolutely no clues ! I’m not the author of the additional µC (I was a bit young to even consider a soldering iron)


And yes the console  still work fine ! Funny to see that old gear can resist almost anything . Will a Ipad live that long ? I’ve serious doubts ….. The other funny things is to see that , even 10 years ago, SMD components were already really small with a serious integration. Playing with old games like “metal gear solid” or “crash banditcoot” give some kind of cool and strange feelings . Espacially now with all those uber-realastic games . You want a realistic game ? join the army !

I just should find or design an additional circuit to connect this console to a monitor , and buy a 1M (?!) memory card !


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