Wah buffer , and the fuzz stays cool…

Here’s an adaptation of a circuit that has been on the interet for quite some time. It’s a “impedance matcher” to make the fuzz work better with an old design wah. It’s a commun problem with both effects , they sometimes  blend badly. The issue isn’t present with all the wah , crybaby and vox seem to suffer more of it .

here’s the original schematic ;


the op-amp gives a X2 boost setable with the input 500K trimmer . I think I remember that it’s based on  the foxrox buffer but not sure of that. It works really well ! I put several of them in different wah pedal with great success.

Now , I’ve drawn this one , it’s bassically the same but with few additions.

wah buffer

you get a high input buffer to not disturb the wah effect followed by a X10 gain boost . The inverting configuration allows a perfect X1 gain , unity . As this circuit is always ON the unity is necessary . The values are here only for showing the idea they’re not critical ! you can reduce the gain in increasing resistors and/or the pot value . It’s not tested but I can’t see why it shouldn’t work.


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