Crybaby mods

back to what this site is about. This is a post about modifications that I made on a standard crybaby. . The first thing to do was putting a tru bypass switch because of the non-trubypass switch which sucked out a part of the signal ((Because of the low input impedance of course, put a Jfet op-amp buffer and that’s good )  The other modifications were what you can find on the internet .


there were an iput trimmer to set the volume comming into the circuit, a rotary switch to move the frequency of the filter, a trimmer on Q1’s emetter and another trimer for an other resistance change, don’t remember very well actually. To be honest the only modification I recomend it’s the frequency rotary switch , The others are a bit useless. Transistors can also be changed for different tone (even if it’s more question of shades that real changes) .


2 things could also be implated in classic wah . An output booster with variable gain  and more importanly an “impedance matcher” as the one made by Foxrox . It allows a perfect match between a classic fuzz face circuit and classic wahs as the crybaby. I built serveral of them with good results (the schematic is available on the internet ). With a double AOP like the TL072 you can easily make these two things (even with one by the way)

This wah pedal wasn’t that good , it sounded dull and weak whatever the settings. It does the job but don’t ask more. Maybe I should have tried to replace the inductor . I sold this pedal when I met the snarling dog wahs. The snarling dogs are way more cool looking (yes , that’s important ! ) and more interesting in tone.

To end this article, a good joke about a famous guitar player who used and still uses (I guess) the wah  : What coffee and Eric Clapton have in commun ? They both suck without cream…

Thanks for reading!



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