Shin Ei companion fuzz

the working project right now is a slightly modified Shin Ei companion fuzz. This pedal has been made famous by “Jesus and Mary chains” .

That the second time I build this circuit and I don’t like it ….at all ! It’s just a buzzy almost an electric saw coming out of the amp .

So why I do it again ? because I have been asked . And actually any “boobtweak” manufacters produce a clone . So why not ?  (I’m hearing that this is normal,  this is not a fuzz face or a tube screamer…)

I’m working on the circuit , but here the 3 version I came up with :

shein ein

Pedals are a challenge because you’ve so little space for the electronics that you can’t really make big circuits with through hole components.  We quickly end up with issues . Especially if you want the possibility to use battery , it reduces space. The other thing is the bloody wiring work !

You can also notice there’s any labels or paintjobs on my work . Simply because paint doesn’t hold on metal if it’s not done chemically and by big industrial machines . It pains myself because I’d really like to make cool looking pedals but you can’t do it unless you have a parternish with a compagny that make them for you. To prove it , just look at all those “boutique” pedals which get scratches and destroyed paint job. I’ve a Malekko 600B that will be exposed later and it suffers of the same fact.

But few days ago I bought a DYMO labeller , what a wonderfull machine !  That still doesn’t look proffesional or good enough to be proud of but it’s better unless until I found another idea.

Anyways, what would be new on this ? Just 2 things , a 2KB pot to progressively bypass  the briged-T filter to bring back the mids , maybe it’ll be replaced by a switch if the pot has only little effect. A JFET gain stage at the end to give a good amount of output volume . The circuits is so compressed that there’s no volume at the ouptut.

The Shin Ei is the worst fuzz circuit that I’ve built  (expect few of mine of course ….) but it can be a killing tool in a noise oriented band  !





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