vibe project

Here’s a vibe project that I had in my mind for few months. The ideas was to create a kind of vibe circuit without all these Bipolar transistors , photocells, lamp (which take a lot of space) to make a more compact circuit .

We know that a vibe circuit is a modified phaser (or the phaser is a modified univibe , your choise) so why bothering myself with  the original big circuit? (actually load of vibe used this modified phaser topology instead of this original vibe circuit , the new hendrix vibe signature from MXR for instance (it’s vibe(d) phase90) and obviously a lot of  “boutique”  pedal)


So here we are . A classic 4 stages phaser with the cap ratio of the univibe.  I used a switch to alter the value of 2 caps to give a more pronouced bassy vibe (the “voodoo vibe” caps).  I’ve also incorporated some other things  as a tone cut to cut off some trebles and make it sound more like an original vibe (which has a lower impedance and so ….cut the treble of the high input impedance)



It turned out that the result isn’t as great as I thought it would be.  Don’t get it wrong, it’s a kind vibe effect but not the same like an all transistor vibe would give . We are more into a kind of vibe-phaser . I guess all the transistor arrangement of the original circuit and the mixing at the end gives its particular sound . I tried to increase the “wet” signal in the output mixer to make the effect more present , but it increases the vibrato effect as well and looses the vibe effect. I’ll try to increase the FLO gain coming into the otas .

The tone control is great to have a warmer effect but not really necessary . I think I’ll improve the circuit and make it more like a maxi-vibe or a rotary effect with more controls on the LFO and tone shaping.

You’ll notice the circuit isn’t compact at all . But still more compact than the orignal univibe circuit . It could be even smaller  with a double-side SMD pcb !

So work has to be continued !



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3 responses to “vibe project

  1. nikos_sophos

    Excellent ce projet, Pour plus de présence tu peux tenter plus de medium comme sur la small stone. La whetstone de blackout ajoute un switch sweep qui ajoute encore des mediums.

  2. plus de médiums ? il me semble que la small stone ajoute une boucle de feedback pour entensifier l’effet. Je ne connais pas la Whestone. Sur une vibe je ne pense que ca aurait grand interet de mettre un feedback car chaque cellules de dephase a une fréquence différente du coup ca ne renforcera pas l’effet. Mais je vais tenter le coup c’est juste un potar a cabler et il me semble que R.G keen y fait mention dans un article.
    Sinon un autre truc qui m’est venus a l’esprit serait d’ajouter un tremolo stéréo juste derriere , pour faire ping-pong. Ca serait bien psychédélique , mais va pas y avoir assez de place.

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