electrictonemusic is finally having its own website instead of a blog. If you want to have a look, I’ve still some synthi biscuit module for sale.


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Touch Point

I’m about to build a circuit analogous to the make noise pressure points. However, it’ll lack the “pressure” sensitivity.

I also decided to give a try to LT spice from Linear technology. An interesting software that may have caused some troubles at some companies.

I simulated the “touch” input of the circuit.The circuit has been simulated few weeks ago and worked well. The debouncing is always an issue even with greasy skin.


Although I couln’t find a model for noise or noisy logical signal, I used a series of pulse to simulate the noisy input. simulation is spot on.

However I think, like the bearded man, I won’t rely exclusively on simulation and I’d build partially the circuit on breadboard. the LT spice solution can be a way to validate a concept before going into the pain and suffering of the breadboard phase (I hate those !).

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prototyping(3) – WinterMute


I’ve just finished “wintermute” (that its code name). It has been a long work. Full of wires and dead braincells (for a good cause).

One of the goal was to keep the design simple and cheap (very cheap!). Which I find being a great challenge. Having constrains is so much more interesting to work with ! (and I hate expensive and hard to get components)

The current microcontroller is the trusty atmega 328p however the next prototype will certainly be equiped with an ARM stm32f030xx. Its price being its only adavantage over the 328 as the processor has not much to do (switching, DAC update and midi reception). Although we’re thinking about adding more digital audio stuff.

The ARM stm32f030k6 is a powerful little device with multiplexed pin for peripherals. However, a bit more complicated that the regular 8bit micro in terms of setting up registers. Also, it doesn’t come in PDIP package, the only “easy” manageable package is the LQP32 that one can solder on an adaptor (which I did)

here a short sample made exclusively with Wintermute, in one take and no reverb (as I’ve been asked about it). Although that kind of stuff isn’t its primary goal.


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Almost ready to ship to its destination. It seems promising !


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the joy of prototyping

I haven’t posted much recently. The heat is actually killer.

I’m currently involved in an interesting project.


For obvious reasons I can’t talk much about it, and  I’ll offer only vague pictures of it. This is the pure prototype of the project. Boards will be connected via ribbon cables (way more efficient to work with, each board can be tested and debugged independently).

The all thing will be controlled by the microcontroller (at the moment the trusty atmega 328P and NO ****** arduino). Although the code size is rather small it isn’t impossible that we’ll use something cheaper and smaller (I’d like to use an ARM processor but for such limited thing, won’t it be a waste of power ?) .

More Pictures will come I guess.



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From the depths

Some followers may remember this project of mine. A sequencer with any sort of knob and control.


It turns out that the fewer controls you have on you machine, the less fun you get. REALLY! It haven’t been used for many times for this reason. Those are things you can only figure out once the machine is built and your idea concrete. It is even truer for musical instruments that must remain fun and headache free with a very well thought interface.

However, the machine uses MIDI input and I decide to not trash it but to re-write the firmware to give all controls over midi. The machine will gain a maxiumun of controls and, I hope, more fun.

there’re some very cheap MIDI controllers (the beringher BR something) that cost less than a hundred euros.

I’m also thinking about making a module with the idea. It may be an interesting solution to not having a massive HP hungry module.

The hardware also could make use of a good revision (it’s horrible now that I think about it).

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Skype Microphone


I needed a microphone for Skype (that sotfware reminds me of the old MSN messenger before old that “social media” crap).

I wasn’t willing to buy a microphone (this show how cheap I am). I found an old electret microphone in my junk box. I wired it to a simple op-amp gain stage and got a microphone.

This is where you realise that all those nerdy hours of reading stuff finally pay off.

And hot glue really helps also…

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biscuit on his way

the synthi biscuit is finished and is for sell :


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June 9, 2016 · 1:42 pm

To sail through space…

The set of modules is almost complete, I’ve just received the front panel and I’m quite pleased with them.


However, I’m not satisfied with those knobs (not that great) I’ll order new ones which may look better.

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